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Log In Target Red Card

There are several ways how to sign in with Target Red Card Log In account ⚡️: at the official website of the supermarket and via mobile app.

If the customer doesn't have an account yet, you should create one, the instructions how to log in and create a new account are described below.

Target RedCard - Sign Up

If you don't already have a personal account, you should create one. With Sign Up you can find out about current promotions, get extra discounts, use discount coupons and check your bonus card points.

To create a personal account, follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Click «Sign In» in the upper right hand corner of your screen
  • Click on «Create Account»
  • A signup form will open on your screen

sign up at Target Red Card

To register, the customer must fill out the form and submit it by filling out the following fields:

  • Email
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Cell Phone
  • Create Password
  • Press the «Create Account» button

create new

Then you can proceed to signing in to the self-service system and Check Gift Card Balance

Target Red Card Sign In

To sign in to the Red Card you will need to do the following

  • Copy and paste the link in your browser
  • Click «Sign In» in the top right corner of the website.
  • Your login (email or mobile phone)
  • Enter your password
  • Press «Sign In» button

sign in Target card

If the data is correct, you will get into your account, if the data is incorrect, please use the password recovery form.

Target Mobile App Sign In

The second way to sign in is using mobile app on your phone. The first thing to do is to install the free mobile app on your smartphone and sign in.

You can download the app from the following links.

For iOS devices in the AppStore:


For devices running Android in GooglePlay:


After installation, follow these steps:

  • Launch the app on your smartphone
  • Login to your account or create a new one
  • Use your username and password to Sign In

Important! If you have trouble installing the application on your cell phone - try to reboot your device!

Forgot Password - Target RedCard

It might happen that user has forgotten his password and lost access to it.

In this case you can restore access and get a new code through the password recovery form.

To use the recovery form, go to the login form and follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Click on «Forgot Password?»
  • Enter your email or phone number
  • Click «Continue»

forgot code

Your new password will be sent to the email or phone number you specified on the form.

Why My Target account was locked?

If you have entered an incorrect password twice or more your account will automatically be locked.

But there is no need to worry because you can unlock it. You can unlock your account by dialing 1-800-576-43-77 and telling us what the problem is.

After identifying the user, you will be given access to the system again.


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