Target Gift Card Exchange - Several Ways

Target Gift card  exchange

Target gift card holders can sell their cards ⚡️ and exchange them for cash, for example, but not in the official Target store. You can only exchange them at third-party online services, exchange kiosks, or sell them through a commercial ad board.

Can you Exchange Gift Cards for Cash at Target?

Unfortunately, there is no way to exchange your Target card for cash at the retailer's stores.

All customers can do is exchange other stores' gift cards for Target. You can make such an exchange at the cashier.

The balance of other cards will be transferred to yours. View instruction - how to check Target gift card balance

Sell Target Gift Card for Cash Instantly

The fastest way to get cash is to sell your Target Gift card to a loved one or use a special mobile app.

Many exchange offices are using special mobile applications for this purpose, through which you can exchange not only plastic gift cards, but also electronic ones.

The rates for exchange are set by the seller and you can also find them out through the mobile app.

  • Install a mobile app from one of the commercial exchangers
  • Create an account
  • Add your cards to it
  • Make an exchange

terminal for you

After that you can withdraw money to peipal and, respectively, to your bank card. All that's left is to find the nearest ATM and get the cash.

Target Gift Card - Exchange Rate

It is worth noting that there is not one set exchange Target Gift Card rate, each exchanger sets its own rate for the exchange, and the percentage can range from 65% to 85% of the amount.

Still, it is better to try to exchange 1 to 1, but such volunteers will be very difficult to find.

hand by hand

You can try to place an ad on a commercial classifieds site and specify the desired amount of money.

Exchange Kiosk – Fast Method

The third way to make a quick exchange is to use special kiosks. It is easy to find one in your city. You need Internet access and a cell phone.

  • Choose an exchange company you are interested in
  • Type it into the search
  • Look at the location of the exchangers, taking into account your geolocation

Note! This method will be the most unprofitable, because as a rule the exchange rates at the booths are too low.


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