Target Circle Loyalty Program

target Circle Loyalty Program

Target Circle loyalty program allows customers to earn 1% ⚡️ of their purchase amount. Any customer who creates his personal account, after which he can add checks and get rewards, can take part in the reward system.

Sign Up Target Circle Account

The first thing a customer needs to do is to register on the official site of the supermarket and create your personal account to receive rewards!

The registration process is as follows:

  • Go to the supermarket website
  • In the upper right corner, click on the «Sign U link
  • Enter your registration information (first name, last name, email, phone number)
  • Agree with the rules of the program
  • Click the «Register» button

Sign Up And Sign In

After registering, you must log into your account using the email or phone number used as your login.

Sign In Target Circle Rewards

There are two ways to sign in to your account: through the mobile app or on the supermarket's official website. Both methods are free and require internet access to use them.

Important! Follow the instructions - Target Red Card Log In and get access to your loyalty program data and personal account.

Target Circle Rewards Customer Service

As far as customer service and participation in the rewards program is concerned, the terms are quite simple.

All a customer needs to do is make a purchase in the supermarket using any payment method except Red Card .

Then you can get rewarded for each of your purchase, read on how to get rewards for loyalty program.

As for rewards, everything is quite simple. Customers can earn 1% of the amount spent at the cash register if they perform one of the actions:

  • Use a barcode from the Target Circle mobile app and give the code to the cashier to read
  • They can enter their cell phone number into the terminal before punching the item and paying for it
  • The third way is to save your receipts and add them to your account at the official website of the retail chain (The validity period of receipts is 7 days from the moment when the cashier hands over the receipt)

How to use rewards circle

Important! To add checks, use a code scanner or enter the numbers at

Target Circle Rewards Return

In some cases - fraud or returns at checkout - the company may zero out or move your Target Circle balance to negative.

You can find out the reasons for such balance movements by calling the hotline at 1-800-576-43-77.

Please note! Not all products participate in the loyalty program Circle, such as alcohol, gift cards and recipes do not earn rewards.

Target Circle How to Spend

Spend your points at the checkout counter during your next purchase.

Tell the cashier you want to make a purchase for your points and enter your phone number into the terminal or provide the barcode of your wallet from Target mobile app.

Returns reward

Pay attention! You must have enough bonuses on your account for withdrawal! See more about - how to check your Target bonus account


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