Check Target Visa Gift Card Balance

visa card balance check

There are several ways to check the balance of a Target visa gift card ⚡️, customers can use any of them and get the status of the account: online, by phone number, through a mobile app, at the checkout of the store.

Target Gift Card Blance Check Online

Only shoppers who have a registered account can check their card account online - how to sign up for a Target account . Follow these steps:

  • Log in to your account on the official website
  • Go to the account verification section
  • Enter your visa gift card number
  • Press «check balance» button

new balance online

Attention! If you don't have an account, you must create one by registering.

sign in account

Target Egift Card Check Balance

If you use E-Gift please use mobile app. You can install mobile app by downloading it from one of AppStore or GooglePlay. Once installed, launch the app on your phone and log in.

  • Login to the app using your password and phone number
  • Choose «my gift cards»
  • Choose your card
  • View your balance

Please note! Your account is updated after each time you use your card in the store to pay for items. If you don't have an E-Card, but you have a plastic card, you can link an E-Card to it. Using an E-Card is much more convenient since it is always in your smart phone.

How to Check Target Gift Card Balance Without Scratching Off

The value of the card is indicated on the card itself, and you can check the balance on it by the card number, which is under the protective cover.

number your gift card

Target Gift Card balance check number

The third way is to use the number of support service. It is enough to call 1-800-544-29-43 . The cost of the call will depend on your calling plan.

After dialing up you need to enter your card number and confirm the personal data. Use the voice menu for this.

Target Gift Card Balance Check Customer Service

In addition to the above methods, shoppers can get information at the store's checkout during checkout.

Give your Visa gift card to the cashier and ask to see its balance. The cashier will tell you the balance of the account.

You can also see the information on the receipt, it is indicated at the bottom of the settlement document.

If necessary, the account can be replenished in any convenient way, both through the official website, using the online payment form, and at the cashier of the store.


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