6 Ways To Check Target Gift Card Balance

check Target gift card balance online

If you are a holder of a Target gift card as well as Visa, MasterCard ⚡️ and want to check its balance you can use the following 6 ways - visit the official Target store, use a mobile app, find out the balance through the web site online store, call the hotline by phone.

Check Target Gift Card Balance Online

In order to check the statement of the gift card online you need to go to the official website of the company and do the following

After completing these steps you will see the statement of funds on the plastic.

Important! General number consists of 15 digits and access number consists of 8 digits and is on the backside of the plastic.

How Check Target Gift Card Balance In Store

In order to check the Target gift card balance in the store you can use two options, both of which require going to the supermarket cashier

  • You can make a purchase with this card and at the end of the check you will see the balance on the plastic balance
  • You can ask the cashier to scan the plastic and sound out your statement

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Use the official website to find the store nearest to you, the link is provided below!

Check Gift Card Balance By Phone

If you can not use the method online or come to the store you can always use your cell phone by calling the supermarket hotline.

The store number is +1 800-440-0680

After calling the support line, you need to do the following steps

  • the automated assistant will answer
  • Select the issue you are interested in, which is to check the balance
  • You will need to enter a Target gift card number
  • Wait for reply on balance-sheet

Pay attention! The cost of this call will be charged according to the cost of your operator's services.

You can see the digits of the Target gift card number on its back or using a mobile app.

How Do I Check My Target Gift Card Balance by App

Another convenient way to check your statement is through a Target mobile app. You need to:

Download the right version of the app for your phone. There is a version for both android:


And for ios:


  • After downloading, open the application and click on the button to register
  • Enter your personal data
  • Go to the gift cards section and enter your details
  • After entering your information, click add
  • You can now use your Target gift card to pay for your order

Never use third-party applications downloaded from third-party sites

Check My Target Visa Gift Card Balance

If you want to check the statement of your visa gift card, you must do the following

  • There is a phone number on the back of your gift plastic. You need to call it. It is automated
  • Choose to check the balance by balance
  • Enter the general number of your plastic on the front side
  • Enter the pin code which is located on the back
  • Listen to the balance-sheet information

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Please note that you have to know your exact card balance! Because if you choose to pay with a gift card and you don't have enough credit on it, the payment will be cancelled. And if you know the balance and you will be short of a certain amount, then you can add it, notifying the cashier in advance!

How To Check MasterCard Gift Card Balance

The balance of a MasterCard gift card is checked using the same method as a visa and consists of the following steps

  • Make a phone call. The number can be found on the back of the gift card
  • This call will be automated. You only need to select the sequence you are interested in
  • Select balance check section
  • Enter the 16 digit number shown on the front
  • Confirm the card by entering the pin code. It is printed on the back side
  • Listen to the answer about the amount of money on your statement

Very important! Do not call to any other numbers! It can be swindlers who are interested in your finances!


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