How to check Target Circle Bonus

how to check Target Circle bonus online

Customers can check Target Circle bonus rewards ⚡️ and loyalty program awards using one of the 4 available ways:

  • At the checkout counter
  • By phone number
  • Online at the official website
  • On mobile app

All methods of check are available to each customer free of charge.

Check the Balance of Target Circle Bonuses Online

The first way is to use a laptop or PC with Internet access. Perform the following steps:

  • Go to the official website.
  • In the right hand corner of the site, click «Sign in to Account» - view how to sign in Red Card
  • Enter your username and password
  • Click «Sign in to Account»

Online checker

Account information is updated after each purchase.

Verify Target Bonuses by Phone Number

The second way is to call the supermarket hotline number.

To find out the balance of bonus points in the loyalty program dial the following number - 1-800-576-43-77.

Use the voice menu and select the appropriate menu item. The voice assistant will tell you the balance of points available for use.

Find Out the Balance of Points at the Cashier

The third method is appropriate when you are in a supermarket.

Just come to the cash register and while you make a purchase tell the cashier you want to check the balance of accumulated bonus points on your loyalty program account.

Online balance Target Red Card Circle Bonus

The information can also be displayed at the bottom of the cashier's check.

Check Target Circle Bonuses in Mobile app

The fourth way is to use the mobile app and find out the number of rewards accumulated directly on your smartphone.

You will need any mobile device (phone, smartphone or tablet), connected to the Internet.

Install mobile application from official stores Appstore or GoogleMarket.

  • Open application on your phone
  • Sign in to your account
  • Enter your password and login

After entering a personal cabinet of the supermarket loyalty program application the customer may get information not only about the amount of accumulated points but also other useful information which concerns his card.


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